Latest Sales Report

Just received the latest sales report and–though not going gangbusters–it is very encouraging,  Especially since all of the purchasers of St. Lawrence Ripples are people I do not know. Now, if they happen to pass on to a few of their friends that they enjoyed these stories and found them worthwhile……….. Writing and publishing St.…

Updated LinkedIn

I’ve just updated my profile on LinkedIn and notified a few hundred of my personal contacts in and around the shopping center industry about St. Lawrence Ripples. And, of course, linked this website. Should be interesting to see if there is any reaction.

Meet Murray

For more than 55 years, Murray Shor, has been a reporter-photographer, editor, columnist and publisher for newspapers, magazines and newsletters. He divides his time living in Rockland County, New York, and along Lake Champlain in New York State’s North Country.