A Reader’s Review

Recently I received a very gratifying and complimentary review from a person who read St. Lawrence Ripples. Below is his email.

Hi Mr. Shor:
I just finished reading St. Lawrence Ripples, and enjoyed it very much—each and every story.
I especially enjoyed what you wrote regarding “The Union”, located between Potsdam and Norwood.  Recognized many of the names as being people buried in the Union Cemetery.  Unfortunately, that little cemetery has been vandalized so many times—stones broken, tipped over, etc.  (There are 23 or so Morgan’s buried in that cemetery, which always aroused my curiosity, since to my knowledge they were not members of the organization, and lived for the most part after the Union ceased existing.
I was wondering if you would consider signing my copy of your book, if I were to mail it to you, and include the necessary stamped and addressed return packaging, for you to return the book to me?  I would greatly like to have your signature on my copy.  If you are willing to do this, would you please include your mailing address in your reply?
Thanks for an interesting bit of history and folklore of this area, and the best of health to you.
Chuck Morgan
Norwood, NY


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One thought on “A Reader’s Review

  1. It’s finally here. St. Lawrence Ripples is now available as an e-book on Amazon.com’s Kindle–and at a substantially reduced price from the printed version. It will show up in such searches as books about the North Country, early history of New York State, newspapers reporting on early Upstate New York, early Potsdam, and the like. I hope readers, the curious, libraries find it of interest.
    Anyone who has any questions regarding the book, how the columns were researched, what St. Lawrence County was like in the 1950s, etc., please feel free to contact me at http://www.shor2.com.
    Murray Shor

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